What to Know Before Moving to Lawrenceville Georgia

Moving to Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville Georgia is known for its unique blend of historical charm and vibrant community life. Nestled in Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville is a compelling destination for anyone seeking a mix of Southern hospitality and urban convenience. Before moving to Lawrenceville, Georgia, delve into this comprehensive guide to uncover everything you need to know about life in Lawrenceville. Whether you’re drawn to its rich history, family friendly neighborhoods or busy downtown area Lawrenceville has something for you.

The area of Lawrenceville Georgia was founded in 1821 and was so named after the naval commander of the War of 1812 named Captain James Lawrence. In its early years, Lawrenceville was known for its thriving agriculture specifically, cotton. Due to the close proximity of major transportation routes, Lawrenceville quickly became a trading hub.

Lawrenceville Georgia’s history dates back to its founding in 1821 and was named after Captain James Lawrence, a naval commander in the War of 1812. In the early years of Lawrenceville, it thrived as an agricultural and trading hub, primarily focusing on cotton as the primary crop. The town’s growth was supported by its strategic location along major transportation routes.

Lawrenceville was modernized with the development of textile, manufacturing and agricultural industries in the 20th century. The town became a thriving suburban community thanks to improved transportation networks connecting it to main cities like Atlanta. Lawrenceville has experienced rapid growth creating a thriving community that embraces development and new growth while preserving its history.

Lawrenceville’s Local Economy

The economy of Lawrenceville is one that embraces its status as a growing suburban community within the Atlanta metropolitan area. Several factors contribute to the economic landscape including boasting a thriving commercial and retail sector in the downtown Lawrenceville Georgia area, providing many shopping center malls and businesses that cater to residents and visitors alike. Many small businesses, locally owned shops and restaurants also help to contribute to the local economy.

Lawrenceville is known for its industrial base with manufacturing companies and industrial parks scattered throughout the area. These businesses contribute to the economic growth and job creations for the residents of Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas.

In recent years Lawrenceville has started to benefit from the booming Atlanta technology sector. The area has seen an increase in technology businesses through startups helping to solidify its position as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Lawrenceville is home to several healthcare facilities including the Gwinnett Medical Center and other small medical offices and clinics. This helps to contribute to the overall well-being of the community while also providing many jobs to people in healthcare.

Educational opportunities such as the Georgia Gwinnett College and Gwinnett Technical College help to contribute to the economy by providing job opportunities and attracting students and faculty to the area.

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Lawrenceville’s Geography and Climate

Lawrenceville Climate

Lawrenceville Georgia is situated in Gwinnett County about 30 miles from Atlanta. The area is known for its gently rolling hills and forested landscapes, helping to amplify the many parks and green spaces of the area. Several notable parks include Tribble Mill Park, Harbins Park and Ronald Reagan Park. These areas offer many recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike. Hiking, afternoon picnics and fishing are some of the many offerings of this picturesque area.

Lawrenceville is known for its humid subtropical climate with humid summers and mild winters. Temperatures normally range from the highs in the 80s°F during the summer months to lows in the 30s°F during the winter.

Due to the favorable subtropical environmental condition’s fruits, vegetables, herbs and other plants typically thrive in the area. Some of the more common plants found in the area are tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and mint. Georgia may be well known for its peaches; but you will also find apples, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and figs in abundance as well.

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Checking Out Things to Do in Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville Georgia is known for its recreational activities and attractions offering many great experiences for locals and visitors alike. From strolling through the historical Downtown Lawrenceville area enjoying the charming architecture, local shops and art galleries to attending the many fairs, concerts and craft shows at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy in Lawrenceville Georgia.

  • The Aurora Theatre:  The Aurora Theatre stands as a beacon of cultural vibrancy and artistic excellence, Known for its innovative performance the Aurora Theatre offers a diverse array of theatrical experiences, from thought provoking dramas to crowd pleasing musicals and side splitting comedies. This intimate performance space is a cornerstone of the local art community, enriching the lives of audiences of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned theatergoer or experiencing live performance for the first time, a visit to the Aurora Theatre promises an unforgettable journey into the transformative power of storytelling and the magic of the stage.

  • The Gwinnett Historic Courthouse:  located in downtown Lawrenceville Georgia stands as a timeless symbol of the region’s history. Built in 1885 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places the courthouse has witnessed centuries of the area’s evolution, serving as a hub of civic life and community gatherings.

    Today, the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse captivates visitors with its stately architecture, grandeur and historical significance, Visitors can explore the well preserved interior which houses a museum and exhibits showcasing artifacts, photographs and stories that illuminate the count’s past.

  • Sugar Loaf Mills:  If retail therapy is what you are after a visit to Sugarloaf Mills does not disappoint. As one of the largest shopping centers in the Southeast, Sugarloaf Mills boasts over 180 stores, ensuring there is something for everyone. After finding great deals in the many stores you can recharge at one of the many restaurants that serve up a variety of cuisines to satisfy every palate.

    Sugarloaf Mills is also known for its family friendly entertainment options, including a state of the art movie theater, arcade and indoor play areas. Enjoy a day of fun shopping, eating and playing at Sugarloaf Mills.

  • Freeman’s Mill Park  is a hidden gem nestled along the banks of the Alcovy River. The park offers many scenic walking trails, picnic areas and riverside views providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and exploration. Freeman’s Mill Park, a historic landmark dating back to the mid-19th century, once served as a vital hub for the local community. Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Freeman’s Mill Park invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of Georgia’s great outdoors.

  • Coolray Field:  If sports is your passion then a visit to Coolray Field is a must. Baseball fans will find Coolray Field as the ultimate destination to catch a game of the Gwinnett Stripers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Cheer on the team from the state of the art ballpark, complete with modern amenities, spacious seating and of course delicious concessions. The Coolray Field hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, from concerts to movie nights to end of night firework shows. For a fun filled day out, Coolray Field promises an unforgettable experience.

    Lawrenceville Attractions
  • Gwinnett County Fairgrounds:  The Gwinnett County Fairgrounds is home to year round activities, gatherings and events for the community. Not only is it known to play host to the more than century old Gwinnett County Fair full of rides, entertainment and mouth watering fair food but the Fairgrounds is also known for its concerts, festivals, trade shows and cultural celebrations bringing the community together for celebration and fun. Check out the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds website for all upcoming events .

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Local Food and Cuisine of Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville Georgia is host to a variety of restaurants with offerings from traditional Southern comfort food to the rich flavors of international cuisine and everything in between. There is no shortage of choices when looking to dine in Lawrenceville.

Arkansas BBQ
  • Barbecue lovers will will find something amazing in Lawrenceville . From their mouth watering barbecue sauces to their tender pulled pork there is something for all BBQ lovers to enjoy.

  • Seafood   With a commitment to freshness and quality, Lawrenceville prides itself on having some amazing local seafood restaurants. Succulent shrimp, crab cakes and lobster rolls bursting with flavor are only a few choices from some of the local seafood restaurants in Lawrenceville.

  • American Classics Lawrenceville celebrates classic American cuisine with a modern twist, offering a variety of dining options. If juicy burgers, crispy fried chicken and macaroni and cheese are something you crave then there are many great options throughout the area to choose from.

  • Lawrenceville Bars

    Breweries, wineries and bars that Lawrenceville offers provide a great place to unwind with friends while enjoying some locally crafted beers and specialty cocktails.

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Education in Lawrenceville

Moving to Lawrenceville

The Gwinnett County Public School (GCPS) district is responsible for providing quality education to students in Lawrenceville Georgia. The GCPS is one of the largest school districts in Georgia and prides itself on its commitment to providing quality education to students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The GCPS district offers a wide range of educational programs and resources to its students, ensuring their future success. Some of the more popular programs include Advanced Placement and career and technical educational pathways.

Lawrenceville is also home to several private and charter schools, offering alternative educational options for families. Lawrenceville’s education system prepares students for college, career, and lifelong learning, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.

  • The Gwinnett County Public School District  is the primary public school system of Lawrenceville, serving over 180,000 students across 143 schools, providing a comprehensive educational experience.

  • The Choice Educational Academy  is one of the top rated best Private Schools in Georgia and is located right in Lawrenceville. It educates students from grade 6-12 ensuring they are prepared to greet the world post graduation.

  • The Gerard Prep  is another top private school in the Lawrenceville area. This school offers educational services to students pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. This school focuses on the 360° approach to learning, offering students the ability to learn through a scientific, class tested approach with a fully interactive instructional approach.

  • Lawrenceville Georgia is home to the Georgia Gwinnett College   for higher education. The public college serves approximately 12,000 students each year with offerings of Arts, Business Administration, Science and other programs and degrees. Students and faculty can often be found cheering on their local athletic teams The Grizzlies at various sporting events.

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Transportation in Lawrenceville

Driving is the main mode of transportation in Lawrenceville Georgia. The area is well connected to major highways making it easy for residents to commute to Atlanta and other nearby cities.

The Gwinnett County Transit    provides bus services throughout the Lawrenceville and broader Gwinnett County area. These routes help to connect residents to key destinations for shopping, dining and entertainment. There is also an express bus service leading to the downtown Atlanta area for commuters.

Walking and bicycling in the downtown and surrounding areas are viable transportation options for people looking to limit their carbon footprint. Sidewalks, bike lanes and trails provide safe pathways for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate the area.

Rideshare services like Uber  and Lyft operate within the Lawrenceville area, offering convenient transportation options for those looking for an alternative way to get around.

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Lawrenceville Georgia Utility Companies

  • Electric Service:

The City of Lawrenceville Electric Department provides electrical power to most of the citizens within the Lawrenceville city limits.
Phone: (678) 407-6675
Website: https://www.lawrencevilleutilities.com/101/Electric-Department

  • Water and Wastewater Services:

Gwinnett County is responsible for supplying drinking water to the Lawrenceville area.
Phone: (678) 376-6700
Website: https://www.gwinnettcounty.com/web/gwinnett/departments/water

  • Natural Gas Service:

There are several options for natural gas service providers in the Lawrenceville area. Customers are encouraged to shop around to find the best service and price for their needs. For a list of providers in the area click the link below
Website: https://psc.ga.gov/utilities/natural-gas/list-of-certified-marketers-and-contact-information/

  • Waste and Recycling Services:

Gwinnett County Solid Waste Management manages trash collection and recycling services in Lawrenceville Georgia. Phone: (770) 822-7141
Website: https://www.gwinnettcounty.com/web/gwinnett/services/solidwastemanagement

  • Internet, TV, and Phone Services:

Various Providers Description: Lawrenceville offers many internet and cable service providers throughout the region. Some providers include:
Charter Communications
Xfinity (Comcast)
amongst others. Residents can choose from a wide range of packages to suit their needs.

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Moving To Lawrenceville

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